The Hangover Red Band Trailer

IGN has premiered a new red band trailer for The Hangover that is (a) quite funny and (b) wildly spoileriffic. Not every joke is given away by this clip, but a whole lot of the good stuff is egregiously teased, at least. The movie is almost a detective story, and for maximum effect it's better to see a lot of these gags in context rather than chopped up in a trailer blender. But if you really can't wait until Friday to see the latest from Todd Phillips (Old School) then we've got the clip after the jump.

I've also embedded an alternate version of this trailer, from Funny or Die, which is intercut with 'Stu's Song', a little ditty sung by Ed Helms within the movie. If you want your comedy spoilers to be delivered straight up, they're all here. Unless you really don't care about that sort of thing I'd be doubly cautious about watching the second clip, because the song is far better as it appears, unexpectedly, in the middle of the movie.

And the whole thing is really worth seeing. I had a great time with The Hangover, which skews away from being a typical 'guys gone wild' story and creates a couple of great characters instead. Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis knock it out of the park, and Bradley Cooper does a solid job being a weird mix of straight man and instigator. And, as Galifianakis told the New York Times, "Todd wanted to show this gross, more real part of Vegas that you see during the day, with the stains on the sidewalk...the dirtier the better for me." Vegas deserves it. None of this stuff crazy enough for you? There's always time to go back to Phillips' first movie, Hated, the documentary about the wildly self-destructive punk performer G.G. Allin. There's stuff in there that put any Vegas shenanigans to shame.