Discuss: Is Matt Damon The New Harrison Ford? Shia LaBeouf... The New Bruce Willis?

On this week's episode of the Totally Rad Show, Dan Trachtenberg started an interesting conversation comparing the new generation of Hollywood actors to those of yesteryear (you can watch a clip after the jump). It starts off nice an easy — The Rock is the new Arnold Schwarzenegger (he just got into the kiddie comedies a little bit earlier). The next generation's Harrison Ford? Matt Damon. Makes perfect sense. They are both talented actors who also did fun action trilogies. But then Dan said Shia LaBeouf is this generation's Bruce Willis... what? I would say that Shia is my generation's Michael J Fox (no offense to Fox). (correction: apparently Dan wasn't comparing Shia to Bruce, I just misunderstood)

How about Clint Eastwood? or Bill Murray? or Robert De Niro? Who is our generation's Mark Hamil? My vote is for Keanu Reeves!

Discuss: I would love to hear some of your comparisons, complete with plausible explanations.