Is Ronald D. Moore's Virtuality Going To Series After All?

Air Lock Alpha have found a posting on the blog of Doug Drexler in which the FX supervisor appears to be suggesting the possibility that Virtuality, the Ronald D. Moore pilot that Fox previously passed on, is belatedly being given a series. They are most excited by the possibility, but I'm not so sure that's what Drexler is saying at all. The post can be taken in a couple of ways. Here's a quote for you to judge for yourself:

We got the word that a show we thought was dead is now on the fast track. It's Ron Moore's Virtuality. It just goes to show you how this business goes. It was dead, dead, dead... now it's alive, alive, alive... and they want it now, now, now! So on top of the BSG direct to DVD movie, and Caprica, we are racing to finish a few additional shots for Virtuality's July airing. So forgive my absence. I'll be posting again on Saturday, and picking up some steam after that, although probably not at the rate I was before Virtuality rose from the dead.

Reading all of that, it seems to me that only the pilot has risen and that any subsequent series is still laying cold and vaguely green under a thin cotton sheet. Got a difference of opinion? Better at unpicking the ambiguities of Drexler's text? Set me right in the comments section.

The Virtuality pilot was directed by Peter Berg and appears to have been very well liked by most of those who have seen it. It takes place on board the very first starship to fly from Earth (starship meaning here that it can reach another star and therefore another solar system). During the ten year journey, the crew are given a virtual reality distraction to play with and, unsurprisingly, 'something' goes wrong.

The screening of the pilot is set for July 4th – not only a Saturday in the Summer, but Independence Day. Seems to me like Fox don't have any hopes for the show at all and just want somewhere quiet to stash this expensive pilot before selling it on disc, somewhere the hardcore can find it and the rest of America can ignore it while watching fireworks and having barbecues. Hardly looks like signs of life, life, life to me.