Full Trailer For Sci-Fi Thriller Pandorum

Ever had one of those days where everything you read seems to be about things going bump in the eternal night of deep, dark space? I'm having one right now. Not only is there an Alien remake-reboot-rehash on the cards, as reported by Peter, there's a freshly minted full trailer for Christian Alvart's Pandorum doing the rounds. The film stars Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid as two crew members waking from suspended animation on a deep space jaunt to face... a creepy situation that I won't spoil right here. You can see the trailer below the break and decide for yourself if it's more Pitch Black than Alien, or vice versa.

Actually, there's even a whiff of Event Horizon rising off of the thing, I think you'll agree, which might not be surprising as Paul W. S Anderson and Jeremy Bolt are amongst the producers. Or how about Dark Star?

Not knowing the full storyline, I can't be sure but there seem to be a great deal of plot reveals spoiled by this trailer – as is so often the way, at least for the last five or six years – so proceed with all due caution.

Pandorum will be released in the US in September, thereby trumping Alvart's previously produced film Case 39. That one, at least for the moment, only seems set for a big screen release outside of North America. Paramount's official Case 39 site lists a release date for just about every country in the world, though the US and Canada are conspicuous by their absence. I had to check to see if the UK date fell on a Friday or a Monday because I wanted to be sure these weren't direct to DVD dates, and it seems not.

Most people's hopes for Pandorum, or indeed Case 39, rest on Alvart's Antibodies. That was the film that brought him to the attention of festival programmers, worldwide genre fans and the big money production companies. Antibodies was a serial killer film with a sci-fi or fantasy twist, and it seems this is the area Alvart is dedicated to claiming: thrillers with a high-concept, fantastical bent.

Interestingly, the film's tagline is "Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next." That points in a slightly different direction than the trailer, I think. Perhaps an explanation lies in the fact that when Alvart was shown the Pandorum script, it was somewhat different to the one he took into production. He'd been working on a slightly similar sci-fi screenplay himself, called No Where, and the two ended up becoming melded. From what I can discern, the tagline seems to hit the No Where notes, the trailer the original Pandorum ones.