Carl Erik Rinsch To Direct Alien Remake?

In April it was revealed that director Ridley Scott is "toying around with the idea" of doing a Alien prequel or reboot. Bloody Disgusting's sources claim that Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are all on board to produce a new film in the Alien series, with commercial/music video director Carl Erik Rinsch at the helm. Rinsch is also a member of Ridley Scott's production company RSA. No details about the plot or timeline (we've heard the words "reboot" and "prequel"), but apparently the plan is to return to the original idea of one alien on one spaceship.

I have compiled some of Rinsch's more impressive commercials in another post called The Commercials of Carl Erik Rinsch. You must check out his work. Watching his commercials, it's easy to see why he might be a choice for a 21st Century Alien film. He is able to effectively combine realistic visual effects with live action imagery to create a magically compelling story.