Is This A Powersuit From James Cameron's Avatar?

Marketsaw, the number one Avatar obsessives to hold a blogspot account in all of this world, have posted an image of what to my eye appears to be a Powersuit from James Cameron's upcoming epic. You can see part of the picture up above and the whole thing is below the break. Jim at Marketsaw was asking for somebody to comment and name the image, so I thought I'd oblige. What jolly japes.

Previously, Marketsaw received and published what ultimately turned out to be the very first confirmed image of the Na'vi, the alien species at the heart of the movie's storyline. I think Marketsaw have got a really good track record with this film and as such, I trust the image is one hundred percent real.

Apparently, these 14-feet tall Powersuits are worn by human troopers on the surface of alien planet Pandora. One sequence is going to show a group of Powersuited troopers, led by Matt Gerald's Corporal Lyle Waynefleet, laying waste to a Na'vi village, torching it with flamethrowers and even causing civilian casualties.


I'm utterly convinced that Avatar is going to deliver an incredible experience to audiences, even in 2D but particularly in 3d. And it should be a unique experience too, so if I were to compare certain elements of the film to Cameron's own Aliens it definitely wouldn't be to criticise it. You have to admit, though, these Powersuits are mighty reminiscent of the loader device Ripley used to take care of the queen in the airlock sequence.

Who knows when we're going to see a trailer for this film? The rumours of an early teaser coming with Transformers 2 have been refuted, and seem to have originated in a simple misunderstanding over the Last Airbender teaser which will make its debut in that slot.