Possible Ghostbusters 3 Director, Casting, And Shooting Dates

The Hero Complex caught up with Dan Aykroyd, who provided a couple updates on Ghostbusters 3.  Aykroyd says that Ivan Reitman is "too busy as a mega-producer" to helm the film, and that his second choice would be Ghostbusters co-star and Groundhog Day/Analyize This director Harold Ramis.

"He has a lot of things going on, but it would be wonderful to see him do it."

Interesting, no mention of the often rumored Judd Apatow. Ramis is the obvious choice, and even more obvious when I'm reminded that screenwriters Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky last worked on the Ramis-directed comedy Year One.

As for the story, Aykroyd puts a number to the next generation Ghostbusting team, saying that they're aiming to have a five-member core team with not one, but several female members. He even mentions Alyssa Milano (who provided a voice for the upcoming video game) and Eliza Dushku as potential options (his personal choices... read: they haven't been cast or contacted for the film, yet). I could definitely see Dushku as a tough new female member of the Ghostbusters team. Milano however is almost 37 years old, much over the perceived age of a "new recruit".

I'm all for introducing a female member to the nextgen Ghostbusters team, but I'm worried that two might be one too much. The further you stray from the original idea, the more skeptical I become. I'm also nervous that two female Ghostbusters could result in too much romance at work, because you know Hollywood... Ghostbusters are likely to fall in love with other Ghostbusters in order to appeal to one or two of the other four quadrants.

Sigourney Weaver is now on board now, as is the original crew of Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Still no word on Rick Moranis, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Aykroyd seems to think that the project is developing so quickly that he believes we're going to be in production fairly soon. We could be in production by winter." I think this film is happening, but not that soon.