Ben Stiller Reveals Zoolander 2 Details

Ben Stiller talked to Screenrush about the long-in-development sequel to Zoolander. While it doesn't sound like it will be happening anytime soon (Stiller says he's been "working on a script over the years and HOPEFULLY it will happen") we at least have some details of what the sequel might involve.

Stiller says that it would be set 10 years later with Derek Zoolander dealing with the fact that he is no longer a model, possibly spending his days running a modeling school and taking care of his now 10 or 11 years old son. And Stiller says that a sequel couldn't be made without Owen Wilson reprising his role as Hansel.

I know the first film has developed something of a cult following after disappointing at the box office, but something tells me that the world still isn't ready for another Zoolander film. You can watch the interview embedded after the jump.