Pixar's Up Makes Cameo Appearance On The Simpsons

There isn't a lot of news to come by tonight, so I thought I'd run this fun little story. /Film reader Mike Jutan wrote in to inform me that The Simpsons featured a reference to Pixar's upcoming film Up.

"In a what-seems-to-becoming-a-trend move, The Simpsons again included a Pixar film reference. You might recall Fat Tony scaring the carpool kids with a "tonight you swim with the fishes... because I brought a Finding Nemo beach towel!" Also Wall-E made an appearance earlier this year as a honey-loving robot of the future, and then turned Homer into a garbage cube before taking off. Tonight on The Simpsons season finale, the "Up" floating baloon house makes an appearance at about 16 min into the episode. The shot immediately after shows Bart throwing a ball against a sign, with what look like Pixar hopping lamps acting as lighting for the sign. Nice touch. :) "

I've embedded the clip (via: Hulu) after the jump. Thanks to /Film readers Matt and Lazer for also sending this in.