Pegg And Frost To Get A Makeover For Paul, Massively Famous Film Director To Make A Cameo?

While not much is publicly known about Greg Mottola's Paul, some lovely details are starting to filter up from very dependable sources. The film, written by and starring Hot Fuzz buddy cops Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, is a road movie sci-fi comedy. They will be playing two British geeks on a trip to the US for the San Diego Comic-Con who meet the titular Paul, an alien looking to go home.

Simon has the role of Graham Willy and Nick will be Clive Gollings. While Pegg, at least, can probably identify to a large degree with the characters' requisite fanatical nerdiness, the two actors are going to need quite extensive makeovers to actually look the part.

According to the rock-solid info I've been given, Pegg's Graham is a very greasy, lanky character with buck teeth. His wig (or extensions) will have to run down to his knees and false teeth will definitely be required. The plan is also for him to wear very thick glasses too. As for Clive, Frost will be dressed in a long leather duster, standard issue sci-fi tie-in T-shirt and have a stack of tightly curly hair.

I can almost see them now. And in a way, I wish that I couldn't.

As for how Paul himself will look, the physical description I was given was quite vague – he should be about three foot tall and have the standard-issue graylien almond eyes. His costume will be one of cut off jeans and flip-flop shoes... and nothing else, so we'll get to see if he blends reptilian skin with mammalian nipples. In some scenes, apparently, he won't look like anything at all because Paul has the ability to turn himself invisible with a similar chameleonic technique to that of a Predator.

I've been sworn to secrecy on almost everything else but I can reveal that Pegg and Frost have planned for the film to feature a special cameo appearance from a hugely famous film director in a key flashback. I won't name him, but I think you can guess who – particularly when I confirm he has actually directed the duo, and recently too. Use your imagination.

If you're going to Comic-Con this year you should be able to meet Graham and Clive in person because the plan seems to be to film some sequences of the film during the real event. An imaginary Blue Peter badge to the first of you to email me a snap of Pegg and Frost in costume.