Angels & Demons - What Did You Think?

Ron Howard's adaptation of Angels & Demons hits theaters today. I have yet to see the movie (that's what happens when my local press screening is scheduled against the season finale of Lost). So far reviews are mixed, better than The Da Vinci Code, but not by much. I've always considered Angels & Demons to be the better book in the series and all the clips and ads so far looked very action orientated (a huge complaint of the first film). Of course, the first film went on to make over $758 worldwide despite the critical response, and has been rated slightly higher by general audiences.

I'll probably check out Angels & Demons tonight or later in the weekend, but I wanted to know what you guys thought. Was it good? Bad? Just okay? What didn't work? Is Tom Hanks just inherently unlikable as Dr. Robert Langdon? How did the Religion vs Science message play on the big screen? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!