Who Will Direct Conan?

After Brett Ratner dropped out of directing Conan due to "scheduling conflicts," V For Vendetta director James McTeigue was tipped to be the top choice to helm the project. CHUD is now reporting that while Nu-Image/Millenium want McTeigue, Lionsgate is interested in three different choices:

Christopher Gans broke onto the scene with the 2001 action horror film Brotherhood of the Wolf, following up with the 2006 video game adaptation Silent Hill, which was praised for it's style over substance. If anything else, Gans' Conan would look spectacular.Neil Marshall made a name for himself with the 2002 action horror Dog Soldiers, followed up with the Sundance horror sensation The Descent, and the lackluster sci-fi action thriller Doomsday. He's currently working on a film called Centurion, about a splinter group of Roman soldiers fight for their lives behind enemy lines. After seeing footage and photos from Centurion, I can certainly see why Marshall would be on the short list for Conan.Marcus Nispel is the commercial and music video director best known for directing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, which looked fantastic but lacked the creepiness of the original. His 2007 viking action film Pathfinder and Friday the 13th reboot weren't as well received.

The current plan is to being production on August 24th in Bulgaria, and as soon as they find a director, the search will be on for a star to play the iconic role.

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