The Fake Movies In Judd Apatow's Funny People

In Funny People, Adam Sandler's character George Simmons is a successful stand-up comic turned comedy star who has appeared in many shitty but successful movies. Judd Apatow was forced to create some of the character's earlier big screen hits. Some of the films are just mentioned or hinted at, others appear as posters or whatnot in the background of Sandler's house. And you might even see some footage from some of these faux movies.

MTV has the scoop:

  • My Best Friend is a Robot: We see a poster for this film at Simmon's house. Owen Wilson co-stars as a robot.
  • Redux: Described as a cross between Little Man and 17 Again, except Sandler becomes a six month old baby. Footage from this film appears in the movie.
  • Mistake: A romantic comedy co-starring Elizabeth Banks
  • Mer-man: A take off of Splash, but starring Sandler. The poster in the trailer (seen above) also features Elizabeth Banks (who might just be Simmon's Drew Barrymore, if you get what I mean) and the tagline "A love story that's a little fishy."
  • And I'm sure there are many more projects tucked away in the background of scenes at Simmon's mansion. Universal should take a cue from Paramount and create fake websites for all these faux films to virally promote Funny People.