/Film's Writer Search Is Over

A few weeks ago, we published a job posting for a news writing position at /Film. The response we received exceeded our wildest expectations: We received over 200 applications for 1 single position! Many of you wrote about your love for /Film, your love of film in general, and your desire to write. We read every single one of your applications and we're extremely grateful for your enthusiasm.

This posting is to let everyone know that the hiring process for this position has been completed. We've already talked with the person who will be /Film's newest contributor and will be formally introducing that person to you guys within a few weeks. Unfortunately, this means that if you have not yet heard from us, you were not selected for this position. Additionally, due to the volume of applications received, it will be impossible to provide feedback for any applications. While we obviously wish we could hire everyone that was interested, that simply wasn't possible in this situation. However, we have kept all of your applications on file (many of which were amazing!) and if we ever hire again in the future, we will definitely be referring back to them.

In the meantime, thank you guys so much for your interest in the job. It really blew us away.

[Photo from Flickr user olivander]