Guillermo Del Toro Mentoring Muschietti's Mama

Guillermo del Toro is in talks to produce and mentor commercial director Andres Muschietti's horror film Mama for Universal, according to RiskyBiz.  Andy is writing the English-language screenplay with his sister and producer Barbra. The movie will be based on their acclaimed Spanish-language short film Mama, which traveled the European festival circuit last year. The short film told the story of Victoria and Lily, two girls who are go on the run from a ghostly woman in a Gothic home.JoBlo has gotten their hands on the original short film, which I've embedded after the jump. The majority of the 3-minute film appears to take place in one single camera take (although, I'm sure that it was seamlessly stitched together like some of the segments of Children of Men). I highly recommend you check it out.