Steven Soderbergh Praises James Cameron's Avatar

It seems like every other week now a new filmmaker or studio executive makes a comment about how James Cameron's Avatar is going to revolutionize cinema. Jon Favreau has called Avatar "a game-changer" and having seen some footage, he thinks "it's the future." Recently Sony head Amy Pascal told Forbes that she thinks Avatar is "going to change the way you consume entertainment. I don't know that it will ever be the way you see dramas, but I can't say anymore that it won't be." And Steven Spielberg has even predicted that Avatar will be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever.

Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh is the latest filmmaker to praise Cameron's upcoming sci-fi epic: "I've seen some stuff and holy sh*t," Soderbergh told ComingSoon . "It's the craziest sh*t ever. That could negate everything I just said."

Cameron's new film is being treated like the second coming. I'm not sure how the film could possibly live up to all the ginormously hype. But just like all of you, I'm riding on the high buzz and hoping it will be great.