Duncan Jones' Moon Deserves A Bigger Opening

If you ask me, Sony Pictures Classics is probably the WORST indie distributor. They mis-advertised and buried the 2008 Sundance favorite The Wackness, and countless other films.

This year at Sundance, SPC picked up the rights to the Sam Rockwell old-school space sci-fi thriller Moon. The film is running on a lot of buzz, and of course, Sony has revealed that their June 12th "limited opening" will only consist of theaters in two cities: New York in Los Angeles. I'm sure the plan is to expand to more cities, but SPC is certainly no Fox Searchlight. They don't know how to do a platform release without award buzz.

Moon is such a wonderful indie sci-fi film. I encourage anyone near New York and LA to see this film on June 12th. Hopefully people in other cities will get the chance to see this film on the big screen.

via: Io9