Dolph Lundgren Scares Off Armed Burglars

We usually don't report on the real life going-ons of actors, but I found this story to be somewhat amusing.

Masked burglers broke into a home near Marbella, Spain, where they tied up and terrorized the woman of the house. But when the attackers noticed a family photo featuring 80's action star Dolph Lundgren in one of the bedrooms, they decided to make a run for it. According to the Daily Mail, Lundgren's wife was unharmed but emotionally traumatized by the incident. Police are still looking for the three attackers.

Lundgren is probably most famous for playing the Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, playing He-Man in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie, and as the star of Universal Soldier. He's definitely a scary dude who you don't want to mess with, even at the age of 52.