Set Pictures/Video And More Details On Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek is currently on location in the UK town of Clevedon, North Somerset, filming his melancholy sci-fi mystery Never Let Me Go with Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and just about every other great British actor currently in their 20s. In case you do not yet know, it was adapted by Alex Garland – who previously scripted 28 Days Later and a draft of the proposed Halo film – from a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.

As well as a video clip snooping on a scene being shot (which you can see hosted on a BBC website but was not designed so that it might be embedded elsewhere) several paparazzi-style pictures have appeared here and there, showing the filming taking place and, as ever, the actors standing about between takes. I've put some after the break as well as some every basic, and not very spoilery, information to help you contextualise them.

Here you can see Knightley clocking the camera, alongside Carey Mulligan.


From right to left below you can see Andrea Riseborough, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley and... please tell me, because I don't know. And boy, do I want to know who he is. They are playing the characters of, I believe, Chrissie, Tommy, Kathy and Rodney, again from right to left.


And here are Knightley and Mulligan again. A good shot for looking at some details of costume and styling.


Mulligan has the lead role of Kathy H., and Knightley has the supporting part of Ruth. That's not what many people may have expected, but I am rather glad to learn it.

The Sweet Keira fansite have done a pretty good job of compiling every last pap-snap of the filming from all over the web.

From what I can see, this filming is for a scene in the second half of the story. I think that the characters are shown on a day trip to Norfolk, where they are looking for somebody in particular... somebody who might just be very close to one of them.

I've had an opportunity to read a draft Alex Garland's script and was slightly taken aback by one of the major changes in this section. Garland has removed the novel's subplot revolving around a music cassette that mysteriously goes missing and is then later, during the sequence we see being filmed here, replaced. This is by no means a mortal wound, but I find it something of a curious omission and can't help but wonder if it won't be reinserted by the time shooting is done.