Michael Myers Appears, Appears Again, Disappears Then Reappears

Rob Zombie's MySpace account handlers have been getting busy with the H2 image posting of late. This morning, not only did the MySpacemeisters post a new picture of Shape-looking Shatner-masked Mike Meyers lurking about in a basement, they also seemed to slip and slap up a second, altogether more interesting image of Myers in his tramp rags, coming face to face with a rather interesting young character...

Of course, that image only lasted a matter of seconds on the site before being yanked... but caches are wonderful things, and after the break, I'll present both of the pictures to you.

Here's the one we were supposed to see:


And here's the one I think we were supposed to only get at a later date:


It's a fascinating picture I think, this second one, because it shows Zombie playing all sorts of games with the Halloween legacy. Purists won't like it, of course – but what would they like?

So we see Mike Meyers, in his hobo gear, face hid from us by his hood but presumably fully visible to the little lad. A little lad who, I think you'll agree, could pass very easily for Mike himself back at the very beginning of his hacking and slashing career. So what's happening here? Is he going to spare this kid because he identifies with him? Kill him anyway? Or is this only the product of hallucination? Is Myers imagining himself face to face with himself? And... is this the clown-masked kid in the clips, or not?

I've got no real idea of any answers to any of that, of course. But this picture does definitely give us some juice to speculate over.

So far, this is the most interesting image I've seen from H2 – and that includes the mirror-reflected new mask from the recent footage, or any of the Shape appearances. If I'm going to be hopeful for this film, this one picture has given my optimism the biggest boost received so far.