/Filmcast Ep. 47 - Crank 2: High Voltage (GUESTS: Dan Trachtenberg From Totally Rad Show And Jen Yamato From Rotten Tomatoes)

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In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley get excited for 24: New York, get ambivalent about Wanted 2, get disappointed by Mitch Hurwitz's Sit Down, Shut Up, and get intrigued by The Girlfriend Experience. Special guests Dan Trachtenberg from the Totally Rad Show and Jen Yamato from Rottentomatoes join us for this episode.

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  • (00:44) Dan Trachtenberg from The Totally Rad Show
  • What Have We Watched

  • David Chen (01:45): Mission Impossible 3, Troll 2
  • Dan (17:37): Sugar
  • Devindra (20:50): The Class
  • Adam (22:31): Parks and Recreation, Sit Down Shut Up, The Unusuals, Lost
  • News Discussion

  • (43:22) The Girlfriend Experience Trailer
  • (49:28) Eli Roth to shoot massive movie this fall
  • (54:57) Guy Who Wrote Pooh's Heffalump Movie to Write Wanted 2
  • (59:09) 24 Goes to New York City
  • (1:00:56) Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere
  • (1:08:54) Terminator Salvation PG-13 Rating Confirmed
  • Featured Review

  • (1:14:45) Crank 2: High Voltage with Jen from Rottentomatoes
  • Credits

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