Early Twitter Buzz: Crank 2: High Voltage

Crank 2: High Voltage was not screened for the press, much like the first film. So I decided to do a round up of all the fast and dirty reactions from the moviegoers that caught the midnight showing of the Neveldine/Taylor sequel. So far the consensus is that if you loved the first film, you'll probably enjoy the second one. If you disliked the first film, you'll probably hate the sequel.Photo_4_edited-1_normal

danhacker: 'Crank 2' was absurd, insane, brilliant and altogether fantastic. It's exactly what I would want from a 'Crank' sequel.


WTValdes: just saw Crank 2! Just as insanely ridiculous and hilarious as the first one.


StevePhoenix: Crank 2 is good. Ridiculous, over the top and funny, but if you want a film where you don't need to think much, this is the one for you


Tuck30: Man I thought the first crank movie was bad. The second one is even worse glad I didn't pay

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philmillar: Saw Crank 2 last night, brain still won't function after mind being blown. Awesome film, ridiculous to the point of sublime.


just_joec: Crank high voltage is puuure comedy I can't stop laughing


williambgoss: thinks Crank 2 is one of the nuttiest things he's ever seen... and he's not entirely sure that's a good thing.


paganleo: CRANK 2 was f***ing awesome!


3jH: crank 2 – 6/10


zebratape: Crank 2. Wow. Um. Wow. WTF. Loved it, but wow.


KindredBuddies: CRANK 2 F***ING RULES


jwsutts: #CRANK 2 – ALMOST amazing but I think they went JUST a bit too far/weird, last scene made me think the film maker was insulting me??


thegendler: Crank 2 is the best movie eveeerrrr, concurred by matt!


Kazzeh_T: crank is possibly the worst film ever lmao how the hell did it get a sequel