Moon Man Jones Planning The Berlin Blade Runner

In a rather spoiler-heavy interview with Popular Mechanics, Duncan Jones not only digs deep into his upcoming debut movie, Moon, but reveals his ambitions for the follow up.

"It looks like," he says, "I'm going to be doing another science fiction film next." Furthermore – he tantalizingly suggests that he intends to pick up where Blade Runner left off. Full quote after the break.

I love Blade Runner, it's one of my favorite films, and I've always been really... depressed that there was never—not a sequel, because I don't think it's right to make a sequel about Blade Runner, but no one's really tried to make a film which was set in the same kind of world or had that same kind of field. So that's what I'm doing, a big-city mystery story that takes place in a future Berlin.

What is it with the Jones family men and Berlin, eh? Anyway, I beg to differ – there have been several films that moved onwards and upwards from Blade Runner. Perhaps the most obvious would be Terry Gilliam's Brazil, and you'd expect Jones to remember that one in view of the coming quote:

Ridley Scott has a copy of Moon right now, actually. I'm a little nervous. I had three people I wanted to watch it: Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam and Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman and Terry Gilliam have both watched it and loved it, so now I'm just waiting for Ridley Scott, which is the big one for me. That's the really scary one.

Perhaps he discounted Brazil because it isn't set in 'the future.' Incidentally, on the DVD audio commentary track to Mirrormask, Gaiman refers to Jones as a friend (he also refers to Gilliam, which suggests something of a tight-knit group). That's one secret decoder ring I'd wear with pride.Popular Mechanics being what it is, they do actually speak to Jones quite a bit about the fictional tech in Moon, and the logic behind it. They also ask Jones about a screening of the film at NASA, possibly some of the harshest critics the film could face. Rather good reading – if you aren't scared of finding out some key plot points ahead of the film's release.