Cool Stuff: The USS Enterprise Art Project

You may have noticed that Paramount commissioned a couple dozen respected graffiti, FX, and pop artists to give custom paint jobs to the USS Enterprise, or a small 34-inch long scale model of the famous spaceship. The models have been on display at various parties, events and movie theaters to help promote the release of the upcoming JJ Abrams-directed Star Trek reboot. You may remember that LucasFilm held a similar promotion with Darth Vader helmets. The studio has launched an online art gallery collecting digital photos of the models.

My favorite is #12, created by Amy Vatanakul — a Slusho styled spacecraft. As you probably know by now, JJ Abrams includes the fictional frozen drink in most of his films. The brand was also a key part of the Cloverfield viral campaign. It is even included in the bar scene in Star Trek.

Other notable artists include #23 created by comic book artist Jim Lee and #4 which was painted by director Robert Rodriguez. I've included photos of those ships after the jump.

Jim Lee:

jim lee shipRobert Rodriguez:zz6fb1ede5

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