First Costumed Tron 2 Actor Revealed

[No photo]

I don't normally post photos of extras on movie sets but its been a slow news day due to the holiday. Also, when it comes to a high profile sequel, I'll pretty much share every last bit.

As you probably know, Disney's Tron sequel is currently shooting in Vancouver. /Film reader Mark P sent in this photo of an extra on the set. It was taken a couple days ago when the film was shooting downtown. I have no further details to dispense. They've been shooting sequences which take place in "the real world", or more specifically New York City. Yesterday we posted a set photo showing a building with the ENCom logo, and our scooper reported seeing "tons of police cars chasing a guy hanging on to the top of a taxi."

I'm actually not even sure the person pictured is an extra or a co-starring cast member. For all I know, the guy in the Blue spandex could be Garrett Hedlund, who plays Kevin Flynn's son Sean in the sequel. Who knows?