Tron 2's Budget $300 Million? Most Expensive Movie Of All Time?

Could Disney really be spending $300 million on the Tron sequel? Buried in a recently published article in the Vancouver Sun is the following paragraph:

Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish. The 1982 version of the film starring Jeff Bridges blazed new trails in computer graphics and you can bet Tron 2.0 will push much further down the pixel path.

Some of you might remember that Time Magazine recently incorrectly attributed a $300+ million budget to James Cameron's Avatar, but the studio was quick to extinguish those claims (The correct figure was "in excess of $200 million.") So it is very possible (more than possible, likely) that the Vancouver Sun has the wrong number, but it also isn't completely out of the question. But for now lets mark this as rumor.

They also inaccurately call the sequel a "remake". Disney revealed a new title for the film at ShoWest, the same exact title for the first film – Tron. And from what I understand from the leaked bits so far, the plot is somewhat similar to the first film. The whole thing is actually kinda confusing, so I could understand how they could get mixed up.

Spider-Man 3 producers insistedthat the film's budget didn't exceed $270 million, but some reports claimed a number closer to $350 million. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End had an estimated budget of around $300 million. But aside from those two films, no film has officially crossed the $240 million budget mark. You can see a nice list of film budgets on wikipedia, although keep in mind that  studio released numbers and actual numbers are always much different.

via: FilmDrunk