Michael Myers To Be Maskless For Most Of H2

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If you've seen any of the set photos from H2, Rob Zombie's sequel to the Halloween reboot, you may have noticed Tyler Mane not wearing the signature mask, ShockTillYouDrop was able to confirm with effects make-up artist Wayne Toth that Michael Myers will be maskless for more than 70% of the film. Towards the end of the film, Myers wears a new mask which Toth describes as "a lot different from any of [the masks] we've seen."

"People are going to be surprised when they see it. It's going to thrown the Myers fans for a loop."

One of my big problems with Zombie's reboot is that he took the scare/creep factor out of the equation by showing Myers origins. I come from the belief that people will always be more afraid of the dark, or what they can't see or know than the monster they can see and know. While Mane's unmasked Myers does look menacing, I think the mask was one of the main reasons Myers always creeped me out. But I'm willing to give Myers the benefit of the doubt one more time, as I really enjoyed his earlier indie horror flicks.