Terminator Salvation Spoiler: Serena

Stop reading right now if you are scared of spoilers because, frankly, there's not much else in this entire post. This whole news item exists, pretty much, to give away plot details from Terminator: Salvation. If you're anything like me you're chomping at the bit to get past this warning and on to the dirt.

Editor's Note: Potential spoiler after the jump. You have been warned.

Not much of substance has been said about Helena Bonham Carter in the next Terminator. I expect this is for two reasons. The first would be that her role is rather small, though reportedly very important. The second would be that not much is known about it. After the break, I've positioned a little look at piece of concept art that reveals something very interesting about Serena Korgen. It comes from Fast Company, who also have a lovely two-part video interview with McG.

So, here she is. And as you can see, the spoiler is... she's a blonde. That and, you know, she's a little bit roboty.


That's another Terminator cast, then. For Fast Company to be flashing this image around so proudly – they've used it on their front page, even – I guess WB can't be too concerned about it being a key spoiler. I don't think the cybernetic nature of Serena Korgen is going to be the lynchpin for the big finale.

Bonham Carter joined the cast relatively late and, unfortunately, shooting then had to be delayed while she returned home from the set after a family tragedy. Apparently, she took the role at the behest of Tim Burton who is something of a Terminator fan. Does that mean he'll pick up the franchise reigns once McG is ready to hand them over? Er... probably not, eh? But I'd definitely be interested to see his take on this kind of material, even if he'd possibly be reluctant to give it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there's been no sight of an actual from-the-film image of Serena, so this concept art is somewhat of a first.