Scott's Pilgrims In Action

Unofficial paparazzi pictures from the shoot of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World have been turning up and then vanishing again on any number of Candian blogs and news sites. Most of them had been removed within just a couple of hours of posting, and those that did remain were definitely of the "candid" variety – ie; everybody's stood around sucking cancer out of little burning sticks, everybody's trying to drown themselves in coffee, nobody's actually in hipster martial arts garage band action.

Thank you then, Edgar Wright, for your continued dedication to photoblogging. Over at Wright's recently founded official site – which has now totally superceded his all but dead MySpace blog – he's quietly carrying on, sharing at least one high quality image a day. Now that principal photography is in full swing, we're even getting snaps of actors in costume, on set and possibly even in character. My favorites from his last two bulletins come after the break.


There's plenty more where they came from too.

Already we're seeing the pop-culture-tastic tweaking of the production design that Wright has been celebrated for before. It's all nice stuff. Perhaps more natural looking than it might have been, but I do mean that in the best possible sense. And once it has been filtered through the dolly-tracking, whip-zooming, smash-cutting aesthetic of the man Wright himself, it's going to look plenty pizazzed enough, thank you.

Amongst the Oops-too-late! paparazzi postings that I didn't catch in time was a snap of a bus side poster for the latest movie starring Lucas Lee, on the film's 'villains'. I wish I'd nabbed it before it was too late – even if it was only going to be some shoddy, rough around the edges snapshot. On the other hand, I fully understand Wright, Bryan Lee O'Malley and the producers' desire to control the drip feed of images and reveals.