Scott Pilgrim Pap Snaps Show Comic Characters Come To Life, Dakota Fanning Mysteriously Linked To A Role?

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has finally entered principal photography today and, true to form, the long lens brigade have cracked off a few snapshots of the cast. Canadian Tabloids have pictures of Michael Cera as Pilgrim, Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells, Chris Evans as Lucas Lee and Alison Pill as Kim Pine. None of them are actually in character in any of the shots (well, I'm guessing not – does Cera strike you as being method?) but they are in costume, with hair and makeup done and that's the best we've been given yet. (Editor's Note: The photos have been removed)

There's a little look at each of them below the break (and I do mean little) as well as details of Dakota Fanning's apparent casting in the movie.

I picked up the first piece of a weird puzzle this morning when I received a tip off that Dakota Fanning had been given a role in the film. I had no recollection of her being mentioned, not even in passing, in relation to the project, so I set about Google to see if any trace had been left anywhere across the interwebs. That turned up one previous reference, with Ms. Fanning apparently announcing she was onboard in late January. Here's a quote from The Calgary Herald:

Michael Cera is the main character. He's Scott Pilgrim and he's trying to date the girl of his dreams, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but in order to do so, he has to fight her five evil ex-boyfriends. I'm one of the evil ex-boyfriends!

The only female Evil Ex I'm aware of is Roxy Richter, and Mae Whitman has been announced for that part already. So, was Ms. Fanning bumped for Ms. Whitman? Or is there another secret ex to be unveiled in Volume 6 and also the movie?

...or might the explanation be sadly something rather more prosaic? Place your chips on "more prosaic" right now.

The Calgary Herald's interview with Fanning comes from a Push press conference, and Push also stars Chris Evans. He is definitely playing Lucas Lee, Evil Ex – as per the pics above – so, I suspect, we may be dealing with a few crossed wires here. Have the Calgary Herald simply tangled their quotes up a little and misattributed words from Evans to Fanning? That's my bet.

I don't think there's any real chance of Dakota Fanning being in Scott Pilgrim at all and that – oops! – somebody at the Calgary Herald did a boo-boo. But it was fun while it lasted, right? All forty five seconds.

I went back to my original tipster and they also suspect that the info may have made its way to them through similarly tangled means, all of which is to say – none of us think Dakota Fanning is in the film, and most of us are glad about that.