Is The Screenwriter Of Slumdog Millionaire Writing Wolverine 2?

Update: Alex from FirstShowing contacted Fox, and the studio claims the story isn't true.

I received an interesting e-mail yesterday from a /Film reader named Adam B claiming that Wolverine 2 was in development, and Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy was penning the script.

alright guys, im currently working at the bradford international film festival in the UK, and tonight we had simon beaufoy, screenwriter of slumdog millionaire doing a screentalk. anyway he dropped a bit of a scoop, hes been employed to write the script for "wolverine 2" a film i didnt actually realise was even in the pipeline. he commented that while he was apprehensive about the project (claiming to not even know what a wolverine was!) his agent pursuaded him to take it on. he clarified that working on a film thats successor has yet to be finished was a strange experience, and one that he wasnt sure he was comfortable with. anyway, i read your site everyday and figured id send this interesting little tidbit over, seeing as you guys are such big fans of slumdog.

I did some research and found that Beaufoy was in fact at the Bradford International Film Festival, which makes this all the more possible. But no mention of Simon's Wolverine mention was made in any of the newspaper stories. I put a call for help out on twitter, but no one I know was in attendance. I didn't plan on posting this report unless I could double source it, but apparently Adam emailed the same report to AICN and theey posted the e-mail this morning. I'm not sure if Merrick was able to confirm the report with another source, but I thought that now that the rumor was out of the bag, it may be worth posting on /Film.

I'm suspicious because I heard that X-Men Origins: Wolverine covers most of the Wolverine mythology, and doesn't leave much room for more stories to take place before X-Men. I've also heard that Hugh Jackman is not interested in doing another film. So, we'll see...