Early Twitter Buzz: Observe And Report

The new Seth Rogen R-rated mallcop comedy Observe and Report premiered at SXSW earlier tonight. The reviews will be pouring in from Austin, after the party's come to an end later tonight (and we'll give a roundup tomorrow), but for now lets check in with the 140-character buzz on Twitter. Seems like a lot of people thought it was hilarious, insanely quotable and somewhat shocking/awkward, but a couple people didn't think it was that funny, and even one supposed Seth Rogen fan s tweeted about walking out. Lets go to the tweets:

Dshanya_artistic_web_normallola0813: OBSERVE & REPORT report: F***ing awesome. Incredibly funny & smart.Dentler_normal

MattDentler: Observe And Report may be the craziest studio movie of the year


thekeller: OBSERVE AND REPORT.... the hardest i have laughed since superbad. one of the funniest movies ever

Img00676_normaljennyjacob: "Observe and Report" – not so funny. Left early and I'm a Seth Rogen fan.Jtile_normal

jamesrocchi: Observe and Report: Travis Bickle, Mall Cop. Funny, scary, don't quite know if you should root for Rogen.\

Twitter-avatar_normalrejects: Alright fine. Observe and Report was dark. Not too dark, but dark. It was also very smart and very, very funny.

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johnnymeatworth: Observe And Report is a work of f***ing genius. Seth Rogen is a Travis Bickle for our times. Pass it on.


evilry: Observe & Report is funny, awkward & shocking at times; but also a bit hyperbolic. Good not great, but the ending is one to end all.


veektohr: Observe and Report is one profane, violent, and hilarious movie!


EricVespe: Observe & Report was f***in' hilarious


SideOneTrackOne: Quick Review – Observe And Report -Twisted, dark, hilarious, sad, briliant. 2009's first GREAT flick. 10/10


moviegeeks: Observe and Report was effing brilliant!


jessfudd: Observe and Report was way violent.


blink: Observe and Report was pretty darn awesome. Will see it again. Most memorable use of The Pixies' "Where is My Mind" since Fight Club.


meghanstern: sad to say i didn't like Observe & Report. the best i can say is that it was mildly amusing, but it's trying so hard it's kind of sad.


bettysoo: Omg "Observe & Report" was out of control. It's gonna be quoted for a long, long time. Unbelievable.


LoveSerge: Observe and report. Funny but kinda disturbing also.


elkmating: Just picked up my dad from the Paramount screening of "Observe and Report". He said it was OK but there was a LOT of cursing in it.


njdarrah: Ohmaaaannn observe and report was one of the most fantastic films I've ever seen!!!


studybreaks: Observe and report is genius.


cyberhippo: Observe & Report was vey strong.

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