James Cameron: Go Easy On The AVATAR Rumors, I'm An Astronaut.

Lately a lot of speculation has arisen regarding James Cameron's AVATAR, that imminent, shadowy monolith of 3D cinematic game-changers due Fall 2009. There were rumors that a precedent-setting chase scene in the first-person was facing problems, and an even more random and recent rumor that Cameron had rejected at least eight different variations of a debut trailer. C'mon, we expect no less than double digits. For myriad reasons—most involving technology and theatrical presentation—this $200 million film is the Area 51 of the blogosphere. It's strange that so many of the rumors have a twist of negativity to them akin to "Johnny's volcano science experiment is going to fail." Fear of the unknown? Cameron took the time to chime in today at AICN to reiterate that his film is next levs so STFU...

"As usual the rumor mill is grinding out mostly spurious stuff. ...I have no idea where that [rumor] came from but I haven't rejected any trailers (yet) since I haven't seen any yet. They're still working on them for presentation, which presumably will be soon. ...Every once in a while, as we are absorbed in some intensely detailed discussion about sub-surface scattering or the way a tail is moving in the animation, I'll just stop and have this moment of clarity, as if seeing it for the first time. And I realize that's what the lunar astronauts must have felt like."

Does that analogy to walking on the moon sound like damage control? Not at all, right? Rastafarian babe Thundercats or not, AVATAR is the event movie to beat in 2009. Michael Bay and McG's "my robot is bigger and more realistic" debate is not on Cameron's radar screen.

Discuss: Let us know what you think about Cameron's statement in the comments. And if there is a film you're looking forward to more this year, explain.