Movie Directors, Writers And Actors On Twitter

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Update: You can read a more updated version of this list here.

Iron Man director Jon Favreau recently joined Twitter, and I was going to write a blog post about his entrance, but have decided instead to post a listing of all the writers, directors and actors that I'm aware of on the 140-character micro-blogging world. I've tried to concentrate on working actors over celebrities (for example, I didn't include Britney Spears). I've tried to put everyone in the category that they are best known for. For example, Kevin Smith is better known as a director than actor or writer and Roger Avary is better known as a writer than director (at this point).

So that the list doesn't get too crowded, I'm only going to include actors, writers and directors that have had a major film released (there will be a few exceptions). I'm sure there might be some people I missed (especially in the screenwriter section). If you know of any credited screenwriters, directors or actors that we may have missed, please leave their Twitter names in the comments below.

Directors:Darren Lynn Bousman on TwitterDavid Bruckner on TwitterWes Craven on TwitterDan Eckman on TwitterFred Durst on TwitterJJ Abrams on TwitterJon Favreau on TwitterJames Gunn on TwitterJon Hurwitz on TwitterRian Johnson on TwitterDucan Jones on TwitterDavid Lynch on TwitterJoe Lynch on TwitterGreg Mottola on TwitterMark Romanek on TwitterDavid Silverman on TwitterDavid Slade on TwitterKevin Smith on TwitterOndi Timoner on TwitterDavid Wain on Twitter

Writers and Actors after the jump.

Writers:John August on TwitterRoger Avary on TwitterDiablo Cody on TwitterNeil Gaiman on TwitterJosh Heald on TwitterJonathan King on TwitterBrian Lynch on TwitterBryan Lee O'Malley on TwitterSeth MacFarlane on TwitterJames Moran on TwitterNicholas Stoller on TwitterActors:Aziz Ansari on TwitterSteve Agee on TwitterElizabeth Banks on TwitterTodd Barry on TwitterAmber Benson on TwitterMichael Ian Black on TwitterDavid Blue on TwitterRussell Brand on TwitterNick Cannon on TwitterJohn Cleese on TwitterDane Cook on TwitterRob Corddry on TwitterFran Drescher on TwitterJimmy Fallon on TwitterSean Flanery on TwitterStephen Fry on TwitterDonald Glover on TwitterBrea Grant on TwitterGreg Grunberg on TwitterAshton Kutcher on TwitterJames Kyson Lee on TwitterSamm Levine on TwitterFaizon Love on TwitterDanny Masterson on TwitterChris Mintz-Plasse on TwitterDemi Moore on TwitterAubrey Plaza on TwitterKevin Pollak on TwitterEmmy Rossum on TwitterPaul Scheer on TwitterWilliam Shatner on TwitterBrent Spiner on TwitterMichael Stephenson on TwitterGeorge Takei on TwitterJean-Claude Van Damme on TwitterRobin Williams on TwitterRumer Willis on TwitterWil Wheaton on TwitterRainn Wilson on TwitterElija wood on Twitter

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3/6/09: List posted

3/6/09: Donald Glover, Roger Avary, David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, Brea Grant, Mark Romanek, David Wain, Jon Hurwitz, Joe Lynch, David Bruckner, James Moran, Michael Stephenson, Sean Flanery

3/23/09: Aubrey Plaza, Rian Johnson, Faizon Love, David Blue, James Kyson Lee, Jonathan King, Aziz Ansari, John Cleese, Danny Masterson

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