Movie Theater Chain Experiments With Recession Specials

The Carpetbagger reports that some movie theaters have begun experimenting with "Recession Specials" in an effort to get people into the theaters during the week. Carmike Cinemas, which operates 2,276 screens in 36 states, is offering 16-ounce sodas and 46-ounce popcorns for $1 each on Tuesdays to try to lure the masses.

As you probably know, exhibitors make most of their money off concessions, especially in the first week of release. So taking a hit at the concession stand will probably result in minimal profit. The hope is to build customer loyalty, bring attention to digital and 3-D projection upgrades, as well as encourage other non-discounted concession stand purchases. While ticket sales are 14% ahead of last year's January-February take and a full 23% stronger than the first two months of 2007, Carmike is seeing a a significant drop in concession sales.

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