Tron 2.0 Plot Details

AICN has gotten new details on TRON 2.0. According to a "reliable tipster" the story takes place 25 years after the original film. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has disappeared after creating some of the world's top selling game of all time and fathering a son. ENCOM head Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) presents twenty-something-year-old Sean Flynn (possibly Garrett Hedlund?) with information that propels him on a journey to find his long lost father.

Sucked into the game, Sean is taken in by a group/program called ISOs that believe he will free them from the belligerence of a CLU character that his father created and has gone corrupt. The character looks like a younger version of Flynn (we saw him at the end of the Comic Con test footage/trailer). There's supposedly a huge disc battle and a light cycle versus light jet duel, with both the cycle and the jet creating light walls.

I just wonder why the original Flynn is trapped inside the computer, and why he hasn't come to the aid of the ISOs. It sounds kinda like The Matrix, but if Neo had decided that he wasn't the one, and just went into hiding in the computer world and let Agent Smith take over. Sounds like a cool premise, and the source claims that Bridges is "embracing it", "going all out for this role", and that "fans will go gaa gaa." I can't wait.