Scott Pilgrim Vs. Motion Capture

A few weeks back Brandon Routh let it slip that Edgar Wright's big screen adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World would combine live action with hand drawn animation. We theorized at the time that the animation would probably be used to supplement that video game-style fight sequences between Pilgrim and Ramona Flower's evil exes.

Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley confirmed to MTV at New York Comic Con that the film would indeed incorporate animation, but not to a large extent. O'Malley said that he believes Routh was explaining "more about special effects and incorporating some hand-drawn doodling and stuff," and that "It's not going to be a hand-drawn Michael Cera".

Then comes this curious new behind-the-scenes photo from Edgar's myspace of people (cast members?) in motion capture suits. I assume this means that the film will feature some digitized characters. I mean, isn't that what motion capture is used for? I'm guessing that the mocap is being used for quick shots in the fight sequences (people flying through the air or something like that). I doubt this has anything to do with the hand drawn additions to the film. And I doubt that any of the characters will be completely digitized, it's probably just action scene stuff. But I find it interesting that Wright is using motion capture at all.