Minor Spoilers Revealed: Iron Man 2 Casting Call

Normally when I read Spoiler TV I'm just trying to figure out who's going to kiss who on next week's House but this morning, there's something a bit more /Filmy going on. It looks like the site has managed to get their mitts upon a casting call for Iron Man 2 and some incredibly mild and minor spoilers can be readily ascertained from the character descriptions given.

Because some of this might actually be ramped up to full-on major reveal status once more information becomes clear – that's happened before, it will happen again – I'm hiding the details under the break.

Iron Man 2 – New Casting Call

[HOT BRUNETTE] Beautiful, sexy and authoritative. Please submit Caucasian actresses ages 25 – 28.[MONGOLIAN GANGSTER] Various ages.[FRENCH WAITER] Male, 30's. Must have authentic Monaco accent.[RUSSIAN GUARDS] Various ages. Must speak fluent Russian.[MALE] late 40's – mid 50's. Handsome, intelligent and dynamic. Please submit Caucasian actors.[TECHNICIANS] Smart, capable, 20's. Please submit all ethnicities.I'm guessing that the only one of these with any chance of being a major role is the vague [MALE]. Could this be the spot recently vacated by Mr. Rourke? Well... it isn't impossible, but perhaps a little unlikely. Similarly unlikely is the off-chance that this authoritative [HOT BRUNETTE] is the Black Widow role. Those are probably her [RUSSIAN GUARDS] though...?Surely Bruce Campbell could play the French Waiter? Shame that John Ratzenberger is too old.Interesting that there's an age limit on the [TECHNICIANS]. How funny.Taking it all at face value, it looks like Tony is going to Monaco, Russia and very possibly Mongolia next time around – or perhaps they're just coming to him. I was thinking that being able to traverse the globe under your own propulsion would have it's advantages when you're an international playboy, but then I realised his tux would get a bit crumpled and sweaty inside his metal shell. Maybe it has an impossible suitcase component tucked away somewhere.