Brett Ratner Says Conan Star Should Be An Unknown

Who will replace Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan The Barbarian in Brett Ratner's planned reboot? Ratner says that it will probably be someone you've never heard of before.

It should be an unknown. Conan is kind of iconic. It's kind of like when you do Superman." Ratner tells MTV. "It's difficult to fill those shoes but they came up with a new Batman, they came up with a new James Bond, you know?

But does Ratner understand that the filmmakers behind Batman Begins and Casino Royale both had a great eye for screen talent? I'm not sure that any film school hack could pull off such impeccable casting, especially when the film school hack's biggest accomplishment was hiring Jackie Chan to play off Chris Tucker in a buddy cop comedy.You know what? As long as he's doing the Conan movie instead of ruining a potential God of War adaptation, I'm happy.