How Much Money Will Watchmen Make?

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I live in a world of movie fanatics, comic book geeks and online nerds, so in my little bubble, Watchmen looks like it's the second coming. It's easy to get high on the hype and develop tunnel vision. But what about the mainstream audiences who haven't heard of the graphic novel, never mind even read it? I've heard of audience member outbursts where people have been making fun of the costumes and yelling comments like "what is this shit" at the screen while the trailer runs ( I haven't experienced this reaction myself). Could Watchmen be the next Snakes on a Plane? Or could it break The Matrix's Reloaded R-Rated record?

Throughout the week I talk on the phone with Frosty from Collider, and we have conversations about stuff just like this. Last week we recorded a video blog review/preview of the first 45-minutes of Pixar's Up and the response was pretty good, so we decided to do another one. This time around we discuss Watchmen's realistic box office prospects. Steve saw the movie this week, so I also try to get him to spill the beans (but am rather unsuccessful in my attempts). More importantly I would like to hear what you guys think.

Discuss: How much money will Watchmen make on opening weekend? Watch the video and then leave your guesses/thoughts below.Disclaimer: We haven't figured everything out (for instance, I definitely need to get a headset), but regardless, it's still very watchable. We're also aware that we're going too long. In the future we're hoping to keep these things in the 10-15 minute range.