Saw Future Revealed On Xbox Live?

There's something in this post that constitutes a potential major spoiler for Saw VI, so I'm going to hide it after the break. First of all, though, I'll tell you how it surfaced.

Bloody Disgusting received a tip-off from a reader who had last night been perusing the movies available through the X-Box Live service. When they called up the synopsis posted for Saw V, however, it was clearly inappropriate. This was not the story of the last Saw film at all... could it be the plotline for the next? And what are these hints about a returning character...?

The original scooper, JayKah, thankfully recorded their screen with a camcorder and posted the evidence to YouTube, all the better hush any naysayers and unbelievers.

Just in case the video disappears, here's the synopsis transcribed:

One man. One plan. One foot. Yes, the doctor is in! With a strange twist of fate and a revengeful plot, get ready for the most anticipated event of Saw. Face your fears at his operating table. Know that no one is safe from his sickness. Chills and screams are his true pleasure. Oh...and Blood? You'll be drenched in it.

I think followers of this popular, seemingly eternal franchise will read into this that Dr. Lawrence Gordon, as limned by the perennially underemployed Cary Elwes, will be coming back and making a right bloody mess.

There's a strong possibility that this is not the synopsis for Saw VI at all, but for the upcoming Saw video game. The biggest two signifiers of this are a) It was posted to X-Box Live, and I can see how the synopsis upload clerk (ahem) could have made the mistake in such a case; and b) The final phrase "You'll be drenched in it" suggests a first-person experience of the kind that videogames allegedly offer more of than movies.


Bloody Disgusting say that they are keeping hush on Saw rumors for the time being as Lionsgate and the film's producers are actually making changes to the films to avoid echoing previously reported details. In that case, let me say that Saw VI is going to be as utterly pointless and witless as the previous installments and let's see them change their way out of that one.

Why can't we have something as good as Hostel every Halloween, Lionsgate? Why?