Sherlock Holmes Reshoots And Madonna New Moon Music

Editors Update: Warner Bros has contacted us and assures us that the reshoots claim is completely "untrue". The original story can still be read below.

Two new rumors allow contrasting voyeuristic peeks into the divergent careers of Guy Ritchie and Madonna or, for those of us who don't subscribe to Heat or People Magazine, constitute a double hit of talking points that take in both New Moon and Sherlock Holmes.

A wisp of gossip began circulating yesterday that acclaimed actress and popular movie star Madonna Ciccone was going to appear in the Twilight Sequel, New Moon. I imagine what purchase this tall story might have taken upon the internet is seeded in the circumstance of Madonna's manager Guy Oseary having a role as a producer on the film. Unsurprisingly, EW's Hollywood Insider quickly got a denial from Summit Entertainment – but there was an extra twist.

Summit's spokesperson claimed that instead of acting in the film, Madonna might – might just possibly – contribute music to the film. Essentially, then, Oseary would plant a Madonna track in his tween-magnet franchise as a piece of product placement. Now that the idea has been couched, I'd be very surprised if it doesn't come to pass.

On the other side of the divorce divide, Guy Ritchie is suffering from somewhat shoddier luck. Apparently, Warner Bros. have requested he go back and reshoot five weeks worth of Sherlock Holmes. That's a significant portion and could, if the rumor is true, result in the film's release date being pushed back.

In their request for the reshoots, the unnamed Warner Bros. agents apparently criticized one scene in particular, calling it "completely unrealistic". Huh? They hired Guy Ritchie, for crying out loud, not Vittorio de Sica.

The Ritchie story comes from The Sun, a UK tabloid that's only reliable in the same way as its celestial namesake – it comes around to Britain daily, though typically it comes muddied with murky unpleasantness. To add some credibility, however, I'm not reporting on The Sun's report, but on The Guardian's report of the Sun's report. That gets me off the hook, right?

The Guardian say that The Sun said that Ritchie was distracted by his divorce and therefore all of the blame can be laid at the feet of Madonna. Well, of course they do. Tsk and tut and sigh.