Cool Stuff: Tom Whalen's Poster Art - The Shining And The Warriors

We've featured some of Tom Whalen's work in past editions of Cool Stuff: Tom's unique poster art, his Dark Knight Magazine cover, Predator 2 commission poster and Watchmen Tribute Artwork. It's been a couple months so I thought we'd check back in with Tom and see what he's been up to. Above is a commissioned poster for Stanley Kubrick's classic adaptation of The Shining. I love the poster because it's not the obvious shot of Jack Nicholson. Whalen explains that he "initially wanted to have jack's face in the negative space of the door, but i thought it was somehow more menacing with the main focus just on the hatchet and typography." After the jump you can see Whalen's posters for The Warriors and a 3D film called Attack of the Drive-In Movie.

The Warriors:

the warriors tom whalen

Attack of the Drive-In Movie

attack of the drive-in movie posterCheck out more of Tom Whalen's art on or his Deviant Art profile. I know he does commissions and his contact info is readily available.Cool Stuff is a daily feature of Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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