Still Waiting... Movie Trailer

Did you know: Lionsgate made a sequel to the 2005 film Waiting...? You know, the restaurant comedy (ala Clerks) that starred Ryan Reynold, Anna Faris, and Justin Long? Well Lionsgate released a direct-to-dvd sequel this week which stars none of the aforementioned actors. Like most of these cash-grab dvd-sequels, Still Waiting... probably isn't worth your time. The comments on the IMDb message board range from "Horrible" to "just incredibly average" to "The best part of the movie was the rap at the credits". The film is directed by Producer Jeff Balis, who some might remember from the Project Greenlight tv series (if I remember correctly, he was the guy who almost got fired on the set of Stolen Summer by Producer Chris Moore). /Film reader Jon-Anthony N sent over trailer, which is embedded after the jump.