Robert Downey Jr, Reese Witherspoon, And Timur Bekmambetov In Talks For The Days Before

Robert Downey Jr and Reese Witherspoon are in talks to star in Warner Bros' The Days Before and Timur Bekmambetov is in negotiations to direct, according to Production Weekly.

Produced by 300 producer Gianni Nunnari, the sci-fi action spec script was written by Chad St. John (who previously worked on the unproduced script The Further Adventures of Doc Holiday for Bruce Willis). Days Before tells the story of a race of aliens who invade Earth by traveling backwards through time and wiping out humanity, one day at a time, yesterday by yesterday. One man attempts to stay "a yesterday ahead of them", and every time he must try to convince the world that "the end is coming", again.

Sounds like a promising sci-fi concept, and if Downey Jr is in fact involved, I'm in. Bekmambetov is an extremely visual director, notable for the Night Watch series and most recently the American comic book adaptation Wanted.