Darren Bousman To Direct A Submarine Heist Thriller

Coming off of the growing cult goth musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, music video turned SAW II, III and IV director Darren Bousman has found a future beyond the horror movie genre. Bousman's next film, Akula, is a heist thriller set in a submarine. Scripted by Mark Distefano, the story follows a career criminal who teams up with a female DEA agent determined to pull off a diamond heist on a submarine in constant motion, 600 meters below the surface of the ocean.

Bousman tells Variety that "The tone is dark, but very different from the films" he's "directed recently." Sounds like an interesting premise, but the fact that Paul W.S. Anderson is producing the film is troublesome at best. Bousman definitely has a great visual style, evident in SAW II and the production design of Repo, which was made realitivly cheap and on the quick.