Inglorious Basterds Trailer Premieres On E.T.

Precisely how uncontrollable is the hype for Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds? Well, it's at least gotten a bunch of self-respecting geeks to tune into Entertainment Tonight for the first time ever/in ages, a remarkable feat by any measure. As we mentioned yesterday, footage from the teaser of Basterds debuted this evening on E.T. and you can find a low-quality bootleg version after the jump.

The footage reveals a few juicy details and scenes. We see Sam Levine and BJ Novak as PFC's reporting to Brad Pitt, as he gives a Tarantino-esque speech about the damage they are about to inflict on the Nazi's. Eli Roth takes glorious swing of a bat to one Nazi's skull. And at the end, Adolf Hitler (played by Martin Wuttke) makes a brief, bombastic appearance.

Hopefully we'll be able to getting a better-quality version onto the site, although it's possible that the bootlegs will be pulled. Check back to this post for potential updates later. In the meantime...

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