Carts Of Darkness, A Cool Documentary, Is Online

Carts of Darkness, a 59-minute documentary on homeless guys in Canada who get their thrills by gunning stolen shopping carts down steep hills (and gunning plenty of beers), is online for our viewing pleasure. Directed in high def by Murray Siple, the film offers a window into this fringe microcosm set deep within the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver, with tunes by rock groups Black Mountain and Ladyhawk. Siple's personal investment and attraction to the subject matter becomes apparent before the half-way mark, and I was surprised to see the film turn into a memorable character study that touches on big ideas without feeling polemic or hippie-dippity. If you have an hour to spare, and a mixture of This American Life, Jackass and Strange Brew sounds appealing, check it out in full after the jump.

via the SS Blarrrg