Official Tron 2 Trailer To Premeire At 2009 San Diego Comic Con

Can't wait to see more footage from Tron 2.0 (or TR2N... we're still not sure the correct title)? Barry Levine revealed at the Radical Studios panel at New York Comic Con this weekend that Joseph Kosinski will return to San Diego Comic Con International this year with the film's first official trailer.

The footage that premiered at the 2008 Comic Con was actually just test footage that Kosinski shot to convince Disney to greenlight the film. IO9 quotes Levine as saying:

"This year, he's going to have a trailer, not of the entire film, but just what he's been shooting. He started shooting in April, and given his pedigree and what I know about the film and what I know about Joe—the film will be amazing. So he'll show that trailer there."

I'm still surprised that Disney hasn't put the Comic Con test footage online or in theaters. I had once assumed that they would be using the footage in the actual film, or at very least, as a teaser trailer, but that is seeming less and less likely. And Disney, who is usually pretty fast issuing copyright complaints has been pretty easy going on the bootleg footage that has been floating around YouTube since the Tron teaser premiered.