Universal Walks Away From DreamWorks Distribution Deal

The big Industry news today (read: I'm not sure how interesting this is to people not in the industry) is that Universal Pictures has issued a statement saying that they have "ended discussions with DreamWorks for a distribution agreement." The official statement continues, "Over the past several weeks, DreamWorks has demanded material changes to previously agreed upon terms. It is clear that DreamWorks' needs and Universal's business interests are no longer in alignment. We wish them luck in their pursuit of funding and distribution of their future endeavors."

First reported by the NY Times, Dreamworks is now back in talks with Disney, a company they were very close to making the deal with in the first place. Steven Spielberg famously overruled his partners and chose Universal due to sentimental reasons. Spielberg made his first film with Universal, and his company Amblin Entertainment still has their offices on the Universal lot. Fox might be another option.